About Us


Since 1995, Academic Retention Services (ARS) has worked on behalf of the University of Missouri (MU) to promote the success of incoming and currently enrolled students such as yourself from the time of acceptance into MU until graduation.


Mission Statement

To provide support services and connection to campus resources from the time a student enters MU until the time of their graduation, while fostering success/excellence, providing programs & activities and promoting academic excellence.


Who Does ARS Serve?

ARS serves as a campus retention monitoring center for underrepresented ethnic students. Although, all currently enrolled students at MU can utilize the department’s services because ARS works to promote success and persistence for all students.


Our Creed

Because the student has a Need: We have a JOB to do.

Because the student has a Choice: We must be the BETTER CHOICE.

Because the student has Sensitivities: We must be CONSIDERATE.

Because the student has an Urgency: We must be QUICK.

Because the student is Unique: We must be FLEXIBLE.

Because the student has high Expectations: We must EXCEL.

Because of the Student: WE exist!