ARS Advisory Committee

Tina Balser, Senior Student Service Coordinator, Student Success Technologies (Undergraduate Studies)

Dr. Tashel Bordere, Assistant Professor and State Specialist for HES Extension, (Department of Human Development and Family Studies (College of Human Environmental Sciences)

Dr. J.D. Bowers, Director, Honors College (Undergraduate Studies)

Vicki Boyd-Kennedy, TRIO Academic Adviser, Learning Center (Undergraduate Studies)

Tami Chievous, Associate Athletic Director, Academic Services (Intercollegiate Athletics)

Patrick Elmore, Assistant Director, Student Support Services (Admissions)

Ashli Grabau, Coordinator, Student Affairs Assessment (Student Affairs)

Aaron Harms, Senior Student Service Coordinator, Learning Center (Undergraduate Studies)

Susan Hartnagel, Senior Assistant Director (Student Financial Aid)

Dr. S. David Mitchell, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor (School of Law)

Dr. Joi Moore, Professor, School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (College of Education)

Dr. Douglas Noltie, Associate Professor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences (School of Natural Resources)

Marco Pantoja, Director, Office of Financial Success, Department of Personal Financial Planning (College of Human Environmental Sciences)

Tim Parshall, Director, Fellowships Office (Undergraduate Studies)

Dr. Gerald Summers, Associate Professor, Division of Biological Sciences (College of Arts and Science)

Carlynn Trout, Academic Adviser, General Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies, Office of Multidisciplinary Degrees (College of Arts and Science)

Academic Retention Services Staff

Donell Young, Director, Academic Retention Services and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Division of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Farouk Aregbe, Manager Student Support Services

Devara Brock, Student Service Coordinator II

Ana-Maria Fernandez, Retention Specialist

Kavita Grewal, Student Service Coordinator II

Justin Light, Student Service Coordinator II

Michael Stuart, Student Support Specialist I

Angie Vick, Administrative Assistant