Justin Light

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Student Service Coordinator

General Overview:

As a first year coordinator with ARS my job is to help first year students deal with the challenges of being in college. Doing things like a Success Plan or discussing the various offices around campus to help I want to make sure freshmen students have a place to feel comfortable and a place to ask questions about their experience and how to best set up success. I want to know both what’s working and what’s causing frustration so we can work toward a more effective college experience.


I graduated from Mizzou in 2007 with a degree in Communication. I spent some time on the non-profit side of things before landing here at ARS. I currently serve on a board for a non-profit here in Columbia called the Day Dreams Foundation where we try to help kids participate in extracurricular activities by providing scholarships. I think students are in a very interesting place in their lives and I want to help foster confidence, curiosity, and a desire to achieve. I love to joke around and I love the amount of laughter that emanates from the ARS office. The ARS family is a lot of fun, and I hope students see how much we enjoy them and each other.