Michael Stuart


Marketing Supervisor 

General Overview:

As the Marketing Supervisor for Academic Retention Services, it is my job to increase visibility, awareness and the services that ARS has to offer throughout the University campus. Through social media and other marketing techniques, I have been privileged to help alongside a team of experts to work with retention and increase its rates.


I am a huge fan of Performing Arts. As a hobby I like to write, direct, act and sing on and off the stage. I love having the ability to create a vision and carry it out to the fullest. When it comes to performing arts, it is not only a deep passion of mine, but it is very therapeutic for me. I like to think of myself as an advocate for living out your dreams and doing what makes you happy. When having a passion to reach certain goals, dreams and aspirations, I am one who helps find and develop so that you can reach set goals, dreams and aspirations